How to Open Full Facebook Site on Android

by orkodoMarch 7, 20170 comments

Many times, users are searching for a full experience once accessing websites through an android mobile device. Sadly, not all mobile websites are created equal and lots of vital features of the site are often troublesome to access, like Facebook. However, there’s a fast and easy technique for accessing the desktop version of Facebook.

Step 1: Launching the browser

Tap an internet browser application’s icon to launch it. Any browser will do.
You can access a browser’s icon either from your device’s home screen or app drawer.

Step 2: Going into the Options

Tap the 3-dot icon. This is typically in the upper right side of the site. Tapping it will bring up the settings menu section.

Step 3: Setting up the Desktop view (Full view)

Select the “Desktop View” option. Depends on the browser application you are using, there ought to be a possibility on the settings menu that should say “Desktop view” or “Request desktop site.” Tick the square box to the right-hand side of this option, or tap on the text to change it.
The website should automatically refresh. If not, tap the “Refresh” button at the top, close to the web site address. It should appear as an open circle with an arrow at one side.


Additional info:

When accessing full desktop websites from devices with smaller screens, like phones, it should be a far better idea to use the landscape mode of the device. With this the content of the web site can seem closer to normal text and image size. Try this by turning on the “Rotate Screen” choice in the Notifications Panel and turning the screen sideways with the web site open in the browser.



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